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About the BHS STEM Scholar Program

The goal of the BHS STEM Scholar program is to significantly increase the number of our students completing rigorous, college preparatory coursework, with an emphasis on undergraduate (B.S.) STEM degree fields; recognizing that the pursuit of this goal will:

  • increase the number of truly college ready students in general, regardless of the fields they ultimately pursue,
  • increase participation in rigorous, college preparatory coursework at Benton High, to include all (STEM and Non-STEM) Honors, Dual-Enrollment, and AP courses,
  • increase the numbers of students pursuing and successfully completing STEM degree programs,
  • increase ACT and EOC scores, and
  • prepare our students for life long success.

We believe that college preparatory STEM curricula at the high school level should be built on a foundation of core, rigorous science and mathematics courses, principally as these subjects are (1) foundational in the applied sciences, (2) required for (most) STEM degree programs at 4-year universities, and (3) most likely to prepare students for rigorous, college level STEM coursework.

 Core Curriculum (1)

AP Biology
AP Chemistry (2)
(AP) Physics (2)
AP Calculus (2)

We also recognize that the larger STEM umbrella encompasses a wide range of potential career pathways: Industrial Automation Technician, Teacher, Nurse, Cyber Engineer, Doctor, Physicist, Neuroscientist…  We therefore seek to include and encourage a broad range of student interests/aptitudes in the STEM Scholar program, while recognizing those who have completed our most rigorous, 4-year college preparatory coursework as Distinguished STEM Scholars.


  1. Must complete 4 AP courses and score a 3 or better on an AP exam to receive Distinguished STEM Scholar recognition at graduation.
  2. Offered at BHS and BPSTIL (planned).  AP Physics offered at BPSTIL only in 2015-2016.

Updated: April 2015

STEM Electives

Engineering/Computer Science

Cyber Science


Intro. To Engineering Design (PLTW I)   (3)

Principles of Engineering (PLTW II)   (3)

Networking Basics (CISCO)—Dual Credit   (3)

Introduction to Programming – College Credit   (3)

Introduction to Java – College Credit   (3)

Drafting & Design Technology   (3)

Life Sciences

Anatomy and Physiology

AP Environmental Science

Forensic Science   (3)

College Solution Chemistry for Biotech – Dual Credit   (3)

College Survey Biotech – Dual Credit   (3)

Biotechnology I: Molecular Biology   (3)

General STEM

AP Statistics


3. Offered at BPSTIL only (planned)

Elective Course Descriptions (on campus*)

Cyber Science is designed to motivate and prepare students for rigorous, college preparatory engineering and technology coursework.  This is an integrated, project-driven course that integrates STEM disciplines with liberal arts.  Cyber Science uses the Parallax® Boe-Bot® robot as a platform for teaching important cyber concepts and fundamentals including: Programming, Foundations of Computer Science, Networking and Security, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Social Issues. Link 

Pre-Engineering is a rigorous applied science and technology course that teaches students the fundamentals of engineering design through applications in mechatronics, using the Parallax® Boe-Bot® platform and exposes students to the Arduino® microcontroller, used in the Louisiana Tech freshman engineering program.  This course is also designed to prepare students for AP Physics, through problem solving and applications in electricity, circuits, electrostatics, magnetism, waves and sound.

Anatomy and Physiology is a rigorous college-preparatory elective science course includes a detailed study of many human body systems. Homeostatic balance, the relationship between structure and function, and the interrelationships between body systems are a focus throughout the course. This course is recommended for students interested in a health-related career, especially those students who plan to study medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and athletic training. The course may also be helpful for those students who plan to enter education as either a life science or physical education teacher.

AP Statistics is a rigorous college-preparatory elective math course that introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing and drawing conclusions from data. Students are exposed to four broad conceptual themes: (1) Exploring Data: Describing patterns and departures from patterns, (2) Sampling and Experimentation: Planning and conducting a study, (3) Anticipating Patterns: Exploring random phenomena using probability and simulation, and (4) Statistical Inference: Estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses.

AP Environmental Science is a rigorous college-preparatory elective science course to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world, to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them.

* See your counselor and/or the BPSB web site for BPSB/BHS course listings, including a list of Career and Technical Education Electives Bossier Parish School for Technology & Innovative Learning.

Other STEM Scholar Program Activities

All STEM Scholar students are linked through an on-line Google Classroom, where faculty, counselors and administrators share information about STEM degree fields, scholarship opportunities and extracurricular activities including:

  • SMART Program
  • AHEC Program
  • STEM Program Speakers/Meetings
  • Tiger Tech Engineering Club
  • Robotics Competitions
  • STEM Camps (e.g. Cyber Camp, Design Camp…)
  • College Degree Programs
  • STEM Career Opportunities/Needs