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Benefits of becoming a STEM Scholar

The major benefit of becoming a STEM Scholar is that upon successful completion of the program, you will be fully prepared to pursue a STEM related career at your college of choice.

A STEM Scholar graduate is not only a problem solver, innovator, inventor, and logical thinker, but is able to enter a college-level course of study in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math without the need for remediation.

The STEM curriculum provides a strong academic foundation rooted in the knowledge used to solve complex problems. STEM Scholar graduates have the ability to import this knowledge across all disciplines both inside and out of the scientific and technological realms. They can intuitively leverage existing resources to accomplish tasks independently using STEM techniques.

Upon successful completion of the STEM program, students will be designated a Benton High School STEM Scholar, recognized at graduation, receive a STEM notation on their diploma, and receive the BHS STEM Scholar program designation for recommendations and applications for colleges and scholarships.

STEM Scholar graduates will be able to immediately take advantage of opportunities made available to them through post-secondary institutions and businesses.