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Senior Project Overview

The Four P's

The Senior Project will consist of four basic components:

1. A research paper, complete with an outline, a body of 8 to 10 pages, a works cited page with at least 5 varied sources, both primary and secondary, all in MLA format.

2. A product based on project research, hands-on experience and inquiry that has taken 20 or more hours to complete, has been brought to a real-world audience, and has been guided by an adult community mentor that is not related to the student.

3. An oral presentation of 6 to 10 minutes, that includes a visual aid, before a panel of faculty and community members that explains what the student has learned through the Senior Project research and experience, followed by a question-answer session (Note: In order to present to the Community panel, students must successfully pass the required dress rehearsals).

4. A portfolio containing all of the rubrics, checklists, artifacts, and letters and research materials employed in producing the project, as well as photos, and other evidence of mastery and completion. The Senior Project will be an important part of each student’s English IV grade and will comprise 50% of the English IV curriculum.

The Senior Project will impact the English IV grade as follows: 1. 1st 4 ½ weeks – brainstorming, required forms, research paper components (mentor agreement, letter of intent, stretch commitment, parent consent forms, steps in the research process) 2. 2nd 4 ½ weeks -- research paper components, product components (thesis statement, outline, bibliography cards, note cards, research paper draft, mentor interview, personal learning logs.) 3. 3rd and 4th 4 ½ weeks – revised research paper, product, class and panel presentations, portfolio (learning logs, final paper, mentor verification)

Final Exam – The literature portion of English IV will comprise the final exam.