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Mentor Information

Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor is a requirement of the senior project. Seek out an individual who has experience in the subject matter relating to your topic. Many people in our community have the type of knowledge you seek. Your personal mentor will need to check your logged hours regularly and monitor your progress during research and construction of your product. He or she can be any adult who is not your immediate relative.

The mentor you choose should be knowledgeable about the topic you are investigating in your research and/or about the product you are planning to complete. You can, in fact, have more than one adult advise you, but you need one official mentor who signs your required papers. In your interview with your mentor, you will find out about his or her knowledge and experience. Also, as you know, you can interview more experts than your mentor.

Your mentor must be over 21, an adult, not a relative, and not a teacher at BHS. Although no BHS teacher can be your mentor, any of your BHS teachers can give you support, advice, and guidance.

Your mentor must be able to meet with you on a regular basis (meetings can be by email, phone or face to face) and be able to verify the completion of 20+ hours on your product.

How to Find a Mentor

Once you have selected the field of study for your research and your product, ask anyone in your immediate world and anyone you find in the community about possible people who are experts in those areas.

Some suggestions of those to ask about possible mentors are as follows:

1. friends and neighbors and relatives

2. employers, current and former

3. School-to-Career advisors

4. school counselors, teachers, and coaches, past and present

5. your own physicians and dentists 6. community and city agencies like hospitals, senior citizen agencies, recreation departments

7. community organizations like

9. universities and other schools

10. the Yellow Pages

Remember family, BHS teachers, BHS staff, or teachers who instruct our students at other campuses such as VO-TECH cannot serve as mentors, but they may be able to help you find a mentor.