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Fine Arts Department

Benton High School Fine Arts

The purpose of the Fine Arts Program is to provide every child with a well-rounded, sequential, cumulative, and comprehensive arts education. Through studies in the arts, students will gain essential knowledge to be successful in an ever changing world.

An education in the arts benefits Benton High School students by helping them gain powerful tools for:

  • understanding human experiences, both past and present.
  • learning to adapt to and respect other ways of thinking and working.
  • learning to express artistic modes of problem solving that bring an array of analytical and technical tools to every human situation.
  • understanding the influences of the arts and its power to relate to and reflect different cultures.
  • understanding the impact of the arts on virtually all we use in daily life, and its interdependence with broader worlds of ideas and action.
  • analyzing non-verbal communication and making informed judgments about cultural products and issues.