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Dress Code

Benton High School Dress Code





Online store to purchase school approved uniforms:  Link




Shirts:  Benton purple, white or navy blue polo shirts, solid white oxford-style shirts, and the “Tiger Pride” shirt.  Shirts may be short or long-sleeved.  Every button except the top button must be buttoned. Students are not to layer their polo shirts with multi colored polo’s.  Shirts must be of proper size and length to be tucked in and remain tucked in.  Chicken day shirts are prohibited.


Vests:  Vests purchased through the JB Team Sports website are allowed.


Outerwear:  Navy blue sweater or jacket.  2016-2017 fall hoodie (this will be prohibited starting the 2018-2019 school year), “Tiger Pride” sweatshirt, navy “Tiger Pride” jacket, or Letterman jacket.


Pants/Shorts:  Only navy or khaki pants or shorts with belt loops can be worn.  Shorts can be no shorter than 4” above the kneecap and no longer than the exact bottom of the kneecap. Pant legs must be rolled down at all times.  Pants may NOT be tucked into shoes or boots at any time.  No form fitting/legging pants will be allowed.  Sweatpants are prohibited.      


Belts:  Brown or black belts.  The belt must fit into all loops of the pants or shorts and must be buckled at all times.  No part of the belt may be hanging at any time.   Chain belts are prohibited.  


Skirts:  Only navy or khaki skirts/skorts can be worn by female students.  Only solid navy/black tights or leggings are permitted to be worn under skirts.  Asymmetrical hemlines are prohibited.   Skirts can be no shorter than 4” above the kneecap.


Shoes:  Students should wear tennis shoes, dress oxford style shoes, dress boots, or sandals.  The color of shoes may be chosen by the student as long as it is appropriate for wear and usage.  Shoes that require laces must have shoelaces. Students are required to wear socks unless they are wearing sandals.  Bedroom slippers,  house shoes, and flip flops are prohibited.   


Spirit Days:  Students may wear BHS spirit shirts and BHS outerwear on Fridays.  These shirts and outerwear must been provided by a club, sport, organization or class at BHS. No mutilated combination of clothing (i.e. torn sleeved top shirt worn over a T-shirt) will substitute for spirit shirts.  PE shirts are prohibited as spirit shirts.


Student ID’s:  All students are required to wear an current approved BHS ID. IDs are to be worn on the collar of the student’s outermost uniform top.  One ID is supplied to each student for free.  The ID is not to be defaced in any way including writing, cutting, or placing stickers on the card.  Students are required to purchase a new ID if it is defaced in any manner and cannot be returned to its original state.  Replacement IDs are sold in the library for $5.  


General Dress Conduct:  (1) Hats, do-rags, or bandanas are prohibited.  (2) Girls may not wear earrings larger than ½ inch. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.  (3) Tongue rings, nose rings, or other visible body piercing are prohibited. Tape/band aids used to cover piercing are not allowed.  (4)  Jewelry and extreme makeup that detracts from the instructional program or presents a health and safety concern are prohibited.  (5) Mohawks or designs in the hair are prohibited.  Hair blocking vision/covering the eyes is prohibited.  Natural hair color only.  (6) Facial hair must be kept clean and neat.  (7) Offensive tattoos must be covered up.  (8)  Wearing decorative dental mouthpieces (i.e. grills) are prohibited.  (9) Wearing any type of colored contacts that are deemed to cause a distraction are prohibited.  (10) Headphones are not to be worn in the hallway or visible at any time without permission from the classroom teacher. Violation of this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action by the school, including, but not limited to, consequences outlined under telecommunication violations.  (11) Tags and labels on uniform pants or shirts must be ½ inch or smaller.  (12) The uniform must be in the correct size to avoid any sagging.  The school uniform should never be worn in a shabby, unkempt manner.  (13) Tearing, ripping, cutting of hems, cuffs, sleeves, or body of any of the coordinates along with any other type of mutilation is prohibited.  (14)  Shirts and outwear may be monogrammed  with initials – no larger than 3 inches at the pocket area only. No appliques.  (15)  Blankets are prohibited.


The administration will make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper.  The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code policy.  Violations of the school uniform policy, including the ID policy, will warrant appropriate disciplinary action at the discretion of school administration.  Students will not be allowed back in regular schedule until dressed properly.